Tuesday, April 13, 2010

C.F. Roberts' open letter to local newspaper as it appears on FACEBOOK with comments


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Today at 3:52pm
At this stage I don't expect any self-realization from former CAT President Dedra Leaf. The spin she gives is predictable.
But as one of the people who demanded that "pound of flesh" (as well as being a person who was falsely accused of issuing "death threats"), I think there are a few items that should not go by the wayside: While she and hers have done a lot to maintain that VIPA was simply carrying out a grudge at the behest of the former manager, it doesn't change the fact that Dedra Leaf's CAT Board dragged their heels on FOIA requests, tried to rewrite policy behind closed doors and keep it away from the public eye, violated content neutrality policies, Leaf herself absconded with employees' private files and information, posted the former manager's evaluation online where anyone could see it and then openly discussed what some employees at CAT are being paid in a televised public meeting.
VIPA were adding addendums to our complaint against Leaf mere days out to the meeting...it was like there was a pathological need on her part to cause as much damage as she could on her way out the door.
VIPA support the new CAT Board under David Orr and believe that they will proceed with a good deal more fairness and intelligence and that they'll help rebuild faith in the organization.
C.F. Roberts
President, VIPA

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Kathryn Sky Blaylock Thanks for setting the record straight, CF. All valid points. Good luck on another 30 years of free speech in Fayetteville. You people sure know how to stand up for your rights. Congrats CAT Producers!
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Cat Fury Thanks for not giving up. So many people get excited about an issue at first but then get distracted and lazy later on - but you hung in there & kept this fresh in people's minds until something got done about it. Yay.
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Kai Rok Gets me how on the one hand she would act to persons who she thought were not apart of CAT producers with a smiley face of falsehood as if nothing stank emanating from her direction. Then appear as this Darth Vader of idiocy on the board videos. Kudos for winning worst lead role ever!
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Richard S. Drake Excellent. It showed a sad lack of self-awareness on the part of Dedra Leaf that she could come out with this nonsense. And, of course, it was another example of the "press release journalism" practiced at the NWA Times. Someone in authority says something - no matter how untrue or outrageous - and the NWA Times accapts it as gospel. All along, they were in possession of the true facts of the situation. I have NEVER seen such sloppy reporting on access issues in Fayetteville.

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