Saturday, January 25, 2014

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Public wants 'Democracy Now' broadcast again on Fayetteville AR public TV

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From: susanna brinnon <>
Date: Sat, Jan 25, 2014 at 11:05 AM
Subject: Re: Democracy Now! broadcast on Fayetteville Public Access, AR
To: David Druding <>, Angie Karran <>, "" <>
Cc: Gladys tiffany <>, "James R. Bennett" <>, "" <>, Pippin <>, Arden <>, Stephen Vallus <>, "" <>, "" <>

Hi David, Dick, Gladys, Pippin, Stephen, Arden, and Molly,
Would any of you be willing to take on this challenge? Since Public Access has new leadership now (Ann has moved on to another nonprofit, and I don't know anything about the new Board, do you?) -- there may be an opening.

Angie of DN hasn't forgotten Fayetteville, so there will definitely be support from their end.


On Wed, 1/22/14, Angie Karran <> wrote:

 Subject: Democracy Now! broadcast on Fayetteville Public Access, AR
 To: "David Druding" <>, "susanna brinnon" <>
 Cc: "Gladys tiffany" <>, "Dick Bennett" <>,, "Pippin" <>, "Arden" <>, "Stephen Vallus" <>,
 Date: Wednesday, January 22, 2014, 2:55 PM


     Dear David,
 Susanna & Gladys,

       Happy New Year and thanks for your support of
 Democracy Now! I'm
       following up on your application to air Democracy Now!
       Fayetteville Public Access. Please let me know if the
 station will
       air DN!

       Looking forward to hearing from you.



 Angie Karran, Station Relations
 Democracy Now!


       On 11/7/13 11:51 AM, Angie Karran wrote:


       Hi David,
 Susanna and Gladys,


         Thanks very much for your support of Democracy Now!
 and for your
         efforts to bring DN! to Fayetteville Public Access.
         attached a signed copy of the non-exclusive
 distribution form
         which Gladys had sent to me a while back. Please let
 me know if
         you need anything else from our end. I look forward
 to hearing
         from someone in your group in the near future about
 the DN!
         broadcast on Fayetteville Public Access.



 Angie Karran, Station Relations
 Democracy Now!


         On 11/5/13 2:01 PM, David Druding wrote:

                   hi Susanna & all


                   I am an avid Democracy Now (DN) viewer and
                   financial contributor.


                 I am really glad to see this effort to get
 DN back on
                 the public tv station here locally even
 though I myself
                 watch it on the web.


               Unfortunate though my wife and I are presently
 very busy
               travelling to medical specialists with some
 serious health
               complications her son is experiencing. I
 cannot offer to
               help finish this application process at this


             As soon as I see a window of opportunity I will
 check back
             with you or Gladys and see if I can help at that


           best wishes, thanks,  david druding



            On Tue, Nov
 5, 2013 at 10:14 AM,
             susanna brinnon <>

               Gladys, and All,

               I'm deleting all emails from my account,
 it's gotten too
               unwieldy. And when I came across this one, I
 thought you
               might want to see it again, just in case any
 of you have
                time to work on the project, getting
 democracynow! back
               on Fayetteville Public Access TV. Gladys had
 to stop work
               on it, was too overwhelmed with OMNI business.
 Please let
               me know, if you have time to do that. The
 project only has
               a little ways to go to be finished. Thanks!



                 On Tue, 4/3/12, Angie Karran <>



                  Subject: Re: Applying to Fayetteville
 Public Access TV

                  To: "susanna brinnon" <>,

                 "Gladys tiffany" <>

                  Cc: "'Dick Bennett'"

                 "Pippin" <>,

                 "'Arden'" <>,

                 "Stephen Vallus" <>,


                  Date: Tuesday, April 3, 2012, 12:04 PM








                        Hi Susanna & Gladys,


                        I really apologize for the delay
 in responding to

                    email. I will

                        email you the signed non-exclusive
 agreement this

                    Been swamped

                        with work. Gladys, please send an
 email with your


                        questions about the mpeg download
 to our engineer

                    Wallach at


                    Note, this is not a live stream, but an

                        video download which is available
 after the show
                   airs at

                    11am EST.

                        If you'd like me to send the
 link to the engineer

                    your station I

                        can do that.


                        Thanks for your patience!








                        On 2/27/12 11:20 AM, susanna
 brinnon wrote:






                            Dear Angie and


                            Finally, here

                                are the two forms that
 Public Access TV

                    asking us to fill

                                out. The first one is
 for you to fill out

                    behalf of OMNI,

                                Gladys, and the second
 one is for

                   to sign,

                                Angie, if that is
 agreeable to you.


                            I appreciate so

                                much that you are
 willing to help us,

                    Gladys will

                                take over
 communicating with you from

                    point; and the

                                cc’s are several
 folks in the area who

                    supportive of

                                this effort. Dick
 Bennett is the Director

                    OMNI (the OMNI

                                Center for Peace,
 Justice and Ecology).




                                mentioned to me that
 she’d like to talk

                    with you to be sure

                                she understands the
 technical aspects of

                    stream versus

                                making copies of
 DVD’s every day. We hope

                    Public Access will

                                accept the live stream
 option, or
                   whatever the


                                technology is.


                            Gladys’ number

                                is 479-935-4422;
                   she has your number, Angie. And


                                Director of Public
 Access TV, Anne
                   Shelley, can

                    be reached

                                at 479-444-3433.
                   Her email is,

                                and their website is



                            Thanks for your

                                interest and help,







                                Support Specialist


                                Workforce Center


                                W. Martin Luther King
 Jr. Blvd.


                                AR 72701














                    Angie Karran, Station Relations

                    Democracy Now!















 Angie Karran, Station Relations
 Democracy Now!


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