Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CAT board president responds to producer's complaint

Dear Ms. Burnett,

My only purpose in responding to your complaint was to let you know that the issues in your formal complaint would be addressed by the Board in the manner by which we have addressed other complaints addressed to the Board: it will be read to the Board and sent to committee for a recommendation to be acted upon by the Board at the next (February) meeting of the Board of Directors. I wanted you to know that we have been in the process of addressing some of those issues and the bylaws regarding our minimum number of members has been slated to be addressed at the January meeting since our board meeting in December. It will be one of our first orders of business.

For the record, the minimum number of members only affects the number of members need to achieve quorum. Right now we need four members to have a quorum. Any more than one person absent from a board meeting prevents us from conducting business.

Since you were dissatisfied with my earlier choice to not put your complaint on the agenda for this month, but refer it during the committee reports, I have place your complain at the top of the agenda for tomorrow night. The rest of your concerns will be addressed at that time.

Dedra Leaf
Community Access Television Board of Directors

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