Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CAT board agenda for January 7, 2010

Today, the CAT Board will be having its monthly meeting at 6pm at the PEG CENTER, aka Fayettevville Televsion building. The following is the agenda:


The January 14, 2010 meeting of the Board of Directors of Community Access Television will be held in the studio of the City of Fayetteville Television Center at 101 W. Rock St. in Fayetteville, Arkansas at 6:00 P.M.

Marietta Camillieri; Bruce Perry; Bernard Sulliban, Secretary; Roger Henry, Treasurer; Dedra Leaf, President

Call meeting to order

Address complaint about Bylaw violation by Board

Bylaw change
Change e-mailed to Board Members on 12/16/09

Approval of November and December minutes

Treasurer’s Report
2010 Budget approval

Committee Reports
Outreach/Fundraising Committee: Set meeting for January
Policy Committee: Policy changes (Changes e-mailed to Board Members on 12/16/09)
Set meeting for January to address complaint procedures
Finance Committee: Reschedule January meeting/ change names on bank signature card
Personnel Committee: Next meeting scheduled for 1/19/10 at 5:30 P.M.

Manager’s Report

Old Business

New Business
List needed of technology priorities and needs for 2010 to be given to the City Station Manager before end of the month.
Need for a Board retreat in February to plan the coming year

Interview of Board Member Applicant: David A. Young (application e-mailed to all Board Members on 12/30/09)
Public Comment


Just a little reminder about our closing policies, if the Fayetteville School District is closed, so is CAT.
Thursday, January 14th at 6pm.

Thank you all for your support and be safe!

All the Best,

Heather Drain

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