Friday, January 14, 2011

Community Access Television celebrates 30 years' service to the people of Northwest Arkansas and showing a wonderful video of the history of what first was known as 'Open Channel'

Dear Friend of Public Access Television:

Public access television has been a part of Fayetteville’s history for 30 years, making us one of few cities that has supported free speech TV as long. In that time, three organizations have provided public access television services for the City.
It is with pride in that history that I invite you to celebrate with me and others like yourself who have supported this unique medium of self-expression through the days of Fayetteville Open Channel, Access 4 Fayetteville and Community Access Television.

On Thursday, Jan. 27, at 7 p.m., at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, CAT is hosting an event to:

* Premiere "The Open Channel: Public Access Television and the People Next Door," a film about public access TV in Fayetteville produced by Niketa Reed;
* Introduce CAT's new executive director, Anne Shelley, who will announce exciting changes in the organization, including a new name;
* Begin rebuilding the organization’s membership;
* And recognize some of those who have been instrumental in local public access TV history.
CAT will be undergoing substantial change in the next five years as it seeks creative ways to serve the community through media access. I hope you will join me in supporting this vibrant new chapter in CAT’s history.
At the event this month, we will be asking you to become a “friend” of CAT through membership in our friends organization. This membership requires no commitment of time from you, just your support.
I hope that you will join us at the event and that you will renew your support for public access media in Fayetteville. Don’t forget your checkbook – we’ll have a silent auction as well – and bring some cash for the cash bar if you wish.
Katherine Shurlds
Fayetteville Open Channel manager, 1986-1990

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