Thursday, February 12, 2009

CAT 18 lists coming events involving public cable-access television enthusiasts

Greetings Everyone,

Spring isn't quite here yet, but new things are popping up all the time
here at CAT. We have a new policy committee meeting coming up on Tuesday,
February 17th at 5pm in the Conference Room. The 17th is also the first
to enter any of your 2008 shows for our annual Fat CAT Awards show. The
entry fee is only $10.

Speaking of big events, don't forget to make plans to attend our
Community Media Summit March 27-28, 2009

The slogan for our first ever media summit is “Create – Connect –
Community Media Summit.” The idea is to bring together anyone interested
in independent and/or community media to share ideas and learn from one

The summit will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions and workshops
aimed at three main topics: outreach, new media and media policy. Who
should attend? Anyone who is involved in community media, or anyone who
values free speech, localism, inclusion, diversity, creativity, media
literacy or independent media.

We will be hosting the summit in conjunction with both the Fat Cat Awards
and the Alliance for Community Media’s regional meeting. In addition,
there will be a “Show Your Stuff” video viewing and trade show.

Pre-registration will begin Jan. 15. You can mail in the enclosed
registration form along with a check or money order, or you can go to the
summit Web site at and register online.
For more information, contact Sky at or 444-3433.

Keep checking our Web site for updates on speakers and events!

Just a reminder, CAT will be closed on Monday, February 16th in honor of
President's Day.

Everyone have a great weekend and thank you for watching and supporting

All the Best,

Heather Drain

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